VBA Earnings Loss Study

  • VBA Automated Benefits Delivery Data Analysis and Business Process Optimization
  • Navy Enlisted Management Model
  • VBA Compensation Services Business Operations Support Services
  • VBA Manpower Optimization Modeling
  • VA Predictive Modeling
  • VHA Affordable Care Act Support
  • VHA Office of Integrity and Compliance Government Accountability Office High Risk List Action Plan Support Services
  • CMS Payment Error Rate Measurement 
  • CMS Comprehensive Error Rate Testing

VBA Compensation Service Earnings Loss Study

SAG is the prime contractor for the VBA Earnings Loss Study (ELS), now in its third phase. As the ELS prime, SAG possesses unique



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VBA Manpower Optimization

SAG’s team of economists, statisticians, operations research specialists, and programmers assisted in the development of an integrated system of



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Department of Veterans Affairs Predictive Modeling

SAG supported a project to improve predictive modeling and optimization for the VA Office of the Actuary for over four years. We developed



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Measures of Veteran Business Success

SAG Corporation studied Veteran entrepreneurship for the Small Business Administration to determine whether military service affects not only the self-employment



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Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT)

For the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, SAG, as a sub to the Lewin Group, developed and deployed a web-based data dashboard for the CERT



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Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) 

SAG is assisting CMS in the development, implementation, and refinement of the PERM program for Medicaid and CHIP to identify improperly paid claims and



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Navy Enlisted Manpower
Management Model

SAG has developed and maintains NEMMo, a web-based forecasting tool currently used by the Navy to manage its enlisted force. NEMMo used the latest data to



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Evaluation of VHA’s Health Eligibility Center (HEC) Information Division (ID)

SAG conducted an organizational review of HEC’s Informatics Division. This included a series of in-depth interviews with staff, stakeholders, and leadership to



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Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Policy and Planning, Affordable Care Act Support Services

As part of a study to assess the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on enrollment and usage for the Veterans Health Administration, SAG developed a staffing



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